Sophia2I’m Sophia Mikou, a young Moroccan designer based in Casablanca.

My collections are designed with exotism in mind, with a time proof oriental inspiration, embellished with the Moroccan traditional handcrafted textile art. I design such pieces as capes, waistcoats, blouses, kaftans and the traditional Arab trousers known as sarouals. I use high-end fabrics such as silk satin, silk brocade, silk mousseline and duchess satin.

My colour palette varies from the bright and flashy to shades that are more chic and sober, so that each and every of my customers can find her match within my creations. Each garment is a unique creation with its own embroidery design, its own selection of pearls and glitter, with the possibly addition of a belt made of silk thread and traditional Moroccan trimmings. The result is sophisticated, totally adapted to a bohemian chic style and easy to wear on special occasions throughout the globe.